Architectural Forum is a treasure trove of architectural salvage, offering everything from antique fireplaces and refurbished cast iron radiators, antique furniture, mirrors and vintage lighting, to reclaimed flooring and original doors.


At the Architectural Forum, we are very conscious of the importance of reclaiming and salvaging, and the positive impact on our global resources and environment. We believe it is imperative to reclaim, refurbish and reuse as much as possible, as this puts less pressure on resources and stops the items simply going to landfill. With our emphasis on refurbishing and restoring, we are proud to be preserving the valuable skills of yesteryear, and giving antique items a second life and a chance to be appreciated by future generations.

We are based in Islington, London. Our showroom is at 312-314 Essex Road, London N1 3AX. We also have a reclamation yard just down the road at 60-64 Southgate Road, London N1 3JF.

Browse our stock and find out more at our website www.thearchitecturalforum.com


One Response to “About”
  1. Melanie Goode says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a salvaged series of warehouse windows for re-use in an architectural development – similar to the warehouse window on your website that you’ve turned into a mirror. If you can assist me or advise where I may be able to source these that would be great. Thanks, Melanie

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