Reclaimed Elements To The Modern Kitchen

Recycling means much more today than sorting your newspapers from your plastics. Interior designers and homeowners are increasingly choosing to use reclaimed materials, giving them a new lease of life in the home. It’s a trend that ties in with the current mind set towards sustainable living, and an aesthetic that is less about perfection and more about provenance.


Reclaimed-kitchen-butchers-block-sideboard_88072_1         copper-pot_73773_1

No more have we seen this movement develop than in the kitchen, a space that has fast become the hub of the family home. Old school teak table tops as worktops, butcher blocks, butler sinks, church pews, old reliable copper pans and industrial lighting have been popular amongst architects and interior designers alike.


Reclaimed-wine-rack_73685_1                        Vintage-factory-pendant-lights_86179_3

A good friend of the Architectural Forum, designer Charles Tashima has implemented some truly inspirational ways to create an effective finish using reclaimed items. See some of the attached product for inspiration when trying to recreate this look.


Large-exterior-clocks-from-Leicester-Square_82326_1          Reclaimed-butler-bucket-sink_82323_1






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