Gatsby Interiors

In an unquestionably lavish display of 1920’s glamour and art deco style, Baz Lhurman and his set designer wife Catherine Martin did a wonderful job of visualising and creating Jay Gatsby’s fictional Gothic Revival mansion.

Silver-velvet-chair_84713_1           Vintage-Empire-Style-Chandelier_85673_1

Reclaimed-Versailles-oak-parquet-panels_83397_1           Antique-ornate-overmantel-mirror_81521_1

Based on the early 20th Century house of Long Island’s North Shore and set across several residence, we see grand interiors, to include ceilings hung with ornate crystal chandeliers, Gatsby’s glorious marquetry ballroom floor and Nick and Daisy’s airy sitting room with its french doors and ornate mahogany furniture.


   Vintage-vitrine-display-case_78953_1        light_83856_1

85729_1          Grand-Architectural-Marble-Fireplace-Surrounded-with-Lapis-lazuli_86816_1


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