Edwardian Art Nouveau Plunger Bath, Featured In The World Of Interiors

world of interiorsThis beautiful antique Edwardian cast iron plunger bath, was featured in the March edition of Conde Nast’s publication, The World Of Interiors. This stunning piece is finished in a beautiful blue enamel, with a mahogany frame and is set with a run of original art nouveau William de Morgan tulip tiles. William de Morgan was an English potter and tile designer, who worked for William Morris’s renowned company, Morris & Co. His tiles are often based on medieval designs or Persian patterns, and he experimented with innovative glazes and firing techniques. Galleons and fish were popular motifs, as were “fantastical” birds and other animals. Many of De Morgan’s tile designs were planned to create intricate patterns when several tiles were laid together. Unusually, the bath fills from the bottom and includes the original taps. IMG_0038 bath IMG_0039 IMG_0042 The bath can be viewed on our website here http://www.thearchitecturalforum.com/antique-edwardian-mahogany-blue-enamel-cast-iron-plunger-bath-86490.html


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