Vintage Industrial & Theatre Lighting

Vintage theatre spotlights

We now have a brilliantly wide range of reclaimed industrial and theatre lighting. Whether you’re looking for retro desk lamps or large factory pendant lights, vintage spotlights or original Holophane lights, we have a very bright (!) collection.

The classic green enamel shade can be the quintessential finishing touch to a vintage industrial interior. We have a wide range of reclaimed factory lighting, some of which has been reconditioned into floor lamps, chandeliers, clamp desk lights and pendant lights.

Vintage industrial lighting

Reclaimed Industrial Lighting

Industrial vintage lighting

Reclaimed Vintage Factory Lighting

We also have a fantastic range of reclaimed and refurbished theatre lighting. From industry specialists such as Strand and Furse, these lights have been put to use at many a dramatic performance. We have several different styles of spotlights ranging from 1950s to 1960s, each with their own unique style and appeal. The vintage lights have been refurbished and polished to a high standard to give a wonderful, irresistably shiney finish.

Vintage Theatre Stage Lights

Vintage Theatre Stage Lights by Strand and Furse

Vintage theatre spotlights

Vintage Spotlights

Recently we’ve also collected a number of original Holophane lights and caged exterior lights. We have these in their original condition, with worn exterior paint in various colours. We’ve also had a few polished to bring them back to their original state – spot the before and after here:

Vintage Exterior Factory Lights

Vintage Exterior Factory Lights

Vintage Industrial Exterior Lighting

Vintage Industrial Exterior Lighting

Our lighting is on display at our showroom on Essex Road or at our yard on Southgate Road.


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