Spectacular 1929 Stained Glass Skylights from Metropole Cinema

Antique stained glass skylight windows
Antique stained glass skylight windows

Curved Stained Glass Skylights from Metropole Cinema

We recently removed a pair of striking stained glass skylights from a site in Victoria, Central London.

These extraordinary curved skylight windows were originally the focal point in the foyer of the Metropole Cinema, opened in 1929. The cinema was designed by the notable cinema architect George Coles, responsible for many of the iconic deco cinemas in London.

Metropole cinema skylights

The skylights in situ in the Metropole Foyer

The antique skylights have a lovely rich yellow stain, with geometric decorations in orange and blue. They sat in the high, curved ceiling of the foyer of the cinema, which was most recently inhabited by an ASK restaurant. The skylight windows measure approximately 9ft by 8ft and could be used to create a truly spectacular and unique feature or interior.

The Metropole cinema has a particularly special claim to fame, as the auditorium was used to film the interior cinema scenes in the 1945 film Brief Encounter (a different cinema was used for the exterior shots).

Read more about the Metropole cinema at cinematreasures.org






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